Price of public transport in Switzerland frozen for 2023

Price of public transport in Switzerland frozen for 2023

As rail ticket prices rise across Europe, Alliance SwissPass - the organisation responsible for public transport tickets in Switzerland - has announced that the cost of rail tickets in the alpine nation will be frozen in 2023. The alliance also confirmed that tickets for bicycles and dogs will be simplified and some discount cards will be phased out.

Cost of Swiss public transport to remain the same in 2023

For the seventh year in a row, Alliance SwissPass has kept the cost of public transport in Switzerland the same. The announcement comes as other rail services like those in the Netherlands announce price increases to cope with higher salaries and the rising cost of energy.

The alliance confirmed that the cost of services run by Swiss Federal Railways and local transport providers will remain unchanged. Only “a few tourist businesses” like Swiss mountain railways, and services run jointly by other countries like the Léman Express, will see any ticket price rises in 2023.

Dog and bicycle tickets made separate and RailPlus discontinued

In addition, from December 11, passengers will be able to buy tickets specifically for dogs and bicycles, instead of paying for an additional half-price ticket. SwissPass said that customers will be able to choose whether they are travelling with a dog or bike while booking tickets online or at physical ticket machines. The Dog Pass, which provides free first or second-class travel for dogs when accompanied by their owners, will now be available as a monthly subscription.

Finally, Alliance SwissPass announced that the RailPlus discount card will be discontinued. A spokesperson told Swissinfo that the 15 percent discount card for public transport overseas has declined in popularity, as cheap supersaver tickets like those announced in Germany and other European countries are not compatible with the card.

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