Nearly a quarter of men in Switzerland don't change their underwear every day

Nearly a quarter of men in Switzerland don't change their underwear every day

While most of Switzerland is usually considered clean, from its lakes and rivers to the chewing-gum-free main streets of the cities, a report has found that some people in the alpine nation don’t always keep things fresh and breezy: The new study by Galaxus has found that almost one in four men in Switzerland do not change their underwear every day - the highest rate in the German-speaking world.

Nearly a quarter of men don't change underwear regularly

According to a survey of 1.000 people in the alpine nation, Germany and Austria, 74,4 percent of men and 86 percent of women in Switzerland change their underwear once a day. 3,6 percent of women and 1,6 percent of men even report changing their underwear more than once a day. 

While this isn’t too bad on the surface, the study noted this means that around a quarter of men and 10,4 percent of women in Switzerland don’t feel the need to change their undies every night. 17,8 percent of men report changing them every two days, while 4,6 percent make the switch every three to six days, and an astounding 1,6 percent of men report changing their underwear either every week or never on a regular basis.

Men aged 50 to 74 years old wear dirty underwear most often, followed by 15 to 29-year-olds. Interestingly, Galaxus noted that as someone's level of education increases, so too does their hygiene when it comes to fresh boxers and briefs.

Switzerland worst for dirty underwear, while Germany bottom for bed sheets

The statistics make Switzerland the “dirtiest” nation for underwear out of all German-speaking countries. When both sexes are combined, 16,3 percent of people in Germany don’t switch underwear every day, compared to 17,2 percent in Switzerland and 16,8 percent in Austria.

Luckily, when looking at other hygiene-related issues, Switzerland beat out Germany and Austria, with excellent rates of showering and frequency in changing bed linen. When it comes to changing bed sheets - which you need to do at least once every two weeks - 32 percent of people in Switzerland report either doing it every month, two to three months or not regularly at all, compared to 40,1 percent in Germany and 36,5 percent in Austria.

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