Giant Christmas present blocks tramway in Bern

Giant Christmas present blocks tramway in Bern

When you hear that your train, tram or bus service in Switzerland is delayed, it usually leads to tutting among the passengers and a lot of annoyance for the driver. However, at one incident in Bern this Christmas, the local tram service was delayed for a surprisingly festive reason: a giant present had fallen over and blocked the rails.

Trams in Swiss city blocked by heavy Christmas present

According to 20 Minuten, in the early hours of December 29, tram lines 6, 7, 8 and 9 were heavily delayed by the local public transport provider. The reason, according to BERNMOBIL, was a blockage somewhere on the line. What they failed to mention was that the delay was caused by a rogue present.

Apparently, one of the heavy protective barriers (pictured below) protecting the local Christmas market had been knocked into the path of an oncoming tram. As the bollards had been covered with wrapping for the festive period, trams were halted by what appeared to be an extremely heavy Christmas present, one that couldn't be shifted easily. 

Giant Christmas present actually a local bollard

The tram company explained that a local had “knocked over the concrete block when reversing" at 6am the same morning. The driver sped off, leaving all trams that run through Marktgasse and Spitalgasse stuck where they were. Services were eventually diverted to avoid the unwanted gift.

Soon, local authorities employed a local forklift to try and move the heavy present. Normal service resumed shortly after 9am.

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