German police thwart suspected bomb attack headed for Switzerland

German police thwart suspected bomb attack headed for Switzerland

Two Swiss citizens have been arrested by German police on suspicion of planning a bomb attack. According to authorities in Baden-Württemberg, the two men were planning an attack on a Swiss city.

Two men accused of buying explosives for attack in Switzerland

On Thursday, the State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg confirmed that they had arrested two men from Switzerland in Stuttgart. They are being held on suspicion of trying to purchase explosives in the German city.

Current reporting from the emergency services in Switzerland and Germany suggests that the two wanted to use the explosives, "Presumably in a planned crime in a major Swiss city." The two had first been identified online, when German police discovered a user on the darknet who wanted to buy explosives for use in Switzerland.

Police could not identify which Swiss city was targeted

After discovering their identities, an arrest warrant was issued for the two men last Thursday, and they are now both in custody. Due to German legal restrictions, authorities could not say which Swiss city the two hoped to target. So far, however, police said there is no evidence that the attack was "politically motivated."

A statement by the Federal Office of Police in Bern confirmed that they were aware of the arrests and were following developments closely. A spokesperson from the government said, "The German authorities are currently conducting criminal proceedings," and that Swiss police will be working closely with their counterparts in the federal republic to resolve the case.

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