Geneva Airport offers new train ticket discounts to plane passengers

Geneva Airport offers new train ticket discounts to plane passengers

Travellers headed to Geneva to jet off on holiday this summer will be able to benefit from a brand-new discount. From this week, Geneva Airport will offer reduced-price tickets for public transport to and from 380 stations in Switzerland.

Discounted tickets at Geneva Airport: What you need to know

As part of a push to get more people to take public transport, officials in Geneva have started to offer discounts on train tickets to and from the airport. The scheme will be trialled between now and the end of 2024.

As part of the new system, passengers with a booked flight out of or to Geneva can get a 10-franc discount on each leg of their train journey. The discount applies to journeys to and from more than 380 stations in Canton Bern, Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel and Valais, can be used in tandem with halb-tax subscriptions and supersaver tickets, and applies to both second and first-class travel.

How to apply for cheap train tickets to and from Geneva Airport

To claim the discount, you must register with the Geneva Airport website, confirming your flight date, booking number, where you would like to take the train from or to and other personal details - this can be done for up to four passengers at a time. You will then receive a discount code for the journey, which can then be applied to online bookings with Swiss Federal Railways.

You can use the code for train journeys to the airport up to a day before the flight, and for return journeys up to a day after your plane has landed. Bear in mind that the discount code only applies for one leg of the journey, so you must apply with the system twice to get the full, 20-franc benefit of the discount.

For more information about the scheme, and to apply for the discount, check out the official website.

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