Calls for speed limit to be reduced to 100 km/h on Swiss motorways

Calls for speed limit to be reduced to 100 km/h on Swiss motorways

A National Councillor in Switzerland has said he will be submitting a vote that would reduce the speed limit on Swiss motorways from 120 to 100 kilometres per hour, in an attempt to save fuel and protect the climate.

100 km / h on Swiss motorways to protect wallets and the climate

Raphaël Mahaim, from Canton Vaud, told 20 minuten that the sanctions placed on Russia, and the subsequent attempts to wean countries off Russian oil and gas, have caused petrol prices to rise dramatically for drivers. Like similar plans proposed in Germany, he said that the change to a 100 km / h speed limit would reduce the amount drivers spend on fuel, “counteract dependence on Russia, and... reduce CO2 emissions."

The councillor confirmed that he already had the support of his own Green Party, with party president Balthasar Glättli noting, "You have to implement measures that take effect quickly - a speed limit of 80 or at least 100 is one of them." The vote will be submitted to a special session of the Swiss parliament, expected to take place in May.

According to 20 minuten, Mahaim is expected to have the support of the Social Democratic Party, with councillor Matthias Aebischer confirming that his party would “fundamentally support” any initiative with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. The president of the Green Liberals, Jürg Grossen, said that he would support the idea if it focused on climate change exclusively.

Speed limit reduction on Swiss roads faces uphill battle in parliament

However, for the vote to pass it will need the support of other parties, who have been lukewarm in their response to the idea. Swiss People’s Party councillor Walter Wobmann said that the idea amounted to "another attack by the eco-friendly on motorised traffic.” He said that the idea has “nothing to do with Russian energy sources because we get almost no oil from Russia.”

The Centre Party has also confirmed that they are not in favour of the law, with councillor Martin Candinas asking, “Why not 80 or 60?” FDP. The Liberals are also not on board, with councillor Christian Wasserfallen joking, “Switzerland should align with other countries and increase the speed limit to 130.”

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