Unleash your potential with the Swiss-International MBA programme

Unleash your potential with the Swiss-International MBA programme


Given your busy work schedule and personal commitments, you may ask yourself if it is possible to obtain an international MBA in a flexible part-time format.

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The Swiss-International MBA programme

Indeed, the Swiss-International MBA programme from FHNW offers you exactly that:

  • Enjoy highly flexible and interactive e-learning combined with study trips
  • Start your part-time MBA journey any time
  • Study wherever you are
  • Explore different cultures and how business is done around the world
  • Build a truly international network and connect with key decision-makers
  • Get a fully-fledged MBA with 90 ECTS from an AACSB-accredited Swiss business school

You also get to become a member of a close-knit international MBA community.


Business courses geared towards flexibility

During the course, you'll be given access to short online seminars conducted live by FHNW's professors, and a chance to interact with your peers in the virtual classroom. Their accomplished and diverse faculty members have a wealth of international experience across different industries and backgrounds.

All professors not only have a proven academic track record, but also valuable practical experience in their respective fields. Based on their expertise as managers, consultants and entrepreneurs, they really practise what they preach.

The programme start for the Swiss-International MBA is possible all year round thanks to the FHNW course's rolling intake option. Completion of compulsory courses takes around 16 months, upon which you enter the master thesis phase of six months. Depending on personal preferences and study progress, the programme can be completed faster.

Explore this international MBA opportunity from FHNW!

Online flexibility combined with interactive study trips

Together with your peers, you will join study trips to exciting destinations of your choice. You will experience how business is done at a given destination while at the same time embracing local cultures. These trips allow you to focus on actual business cases during insightful visits to diverse enterprises. The programme usually features a rich blend of visits to enterprises from small to large across different industries, start-ups, (non-)governmental bodies, embassies, supranational agencies, partner universities and others.

These trips are a great opportunity to closely interact with peers and lecturers in dynamic cities around the world. Interactions with key decision-makers in the local ecosystem provide highly valuable insights in terms of management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Connect with business professionals

Thanks to the impressive international network at FHNW, the school's partner universities and respective business ecosystems provide you with direct access to the upper echelons of host organisations. These trips take place regularly and last for around six days. Travel is usually possible on weekends so that everything can be accommodated within one week.

Listen to what FHNW students have to say about the Swiss-International MBA programme:

An international focus with an attractive home base

While the programme's DNA is truly international, its roots are local. Many students, alumni and lecturers live close to the FNHW campuses in Basel, Brugg-Windisch and Olten. This enables you to meet the teaching staff and your peers in person regularly.

You can always visit them on campus or join one of their MBA community events. Beyond that, Swiss-International MBA FHNW students and alumni in the region organise regular gatherings to study, have a good time and build friendships for life. Connect with the international MBA community from FHNW today!

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