Time to unleash your full potential with SBS Swiss Business School

Time to unleash your full potential with SBS Swiss Business School


It is not enough to dream; you must spread your wings. A crucial step in paving the way to a successful professional future involves acquiring a high-quality education and a comprehensive set of skills.

SBS Swiss Business School: Grow your professional skills

Whether you are a young high-school graduate looking to lay the foundation for a thriving professional journey or an experienced professional aspiring to elevate your career to new heights, SBS Swiss Business School is there to support your professional growth and address your unique development needs.

Drawing on 25 years of expertise, SBS Swiss Business School offers a comprehensive range of academic and executive education programs such as the Swiss state-accredited Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Science in International Business and MBA programs.

Embark on your educational journey with SBS Swiss Business School

Discover the high-quality courses offered by SBS Swiss Business School

SBS Swiss Business School teaches state-of-the-art theory, immerses students in international experiences and connects them to the best practices in business. Participants in their programs learn much more than just management theory and practice; they acquire new ways of thinking that can profoundly change their lives and make their organisations successful. What's more, all of the programs at SBS Swiss Business School are taught in English.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, accredited by the Swiss state and conducted on a full-time basis, is designed for high school graduates. The classes are taught by highly qualified lecturers and take place on the SBS Swiss Business School campus in Kloten north of Zurich.

The bachelor students also participate in internships, company visits and field trips, forums and symposia, guest lectures and much more. This program opens the door to international career opportunities and prepares younger generations for the world of global business.

Master of Science in International Business

The Master of Science in International Business is a full-time postgraduate program designed for bachelor-holders in any field of expertise and it does not require previous professional experience. The Swiss state-accredited program provides an in-depth examination of global business issues ranging from economics to cross-cultural leadership.


Personalised MBA

SBS Swiss Business School’s Personalised MBA is a part-time program developed to provide students with a specific set of skills and specialised knowledge. A bachelor’s degree is an entry prerequisite, as well as a minimum of two years of working experience.

The program allows students to keep their full-time jobs while studying, allowing them to apply their knowledge and enhanced skills directly to the workplace. The combination of on-campus and online modules allows any busy business professional to join this MBA program.

Online MBA

This top-ranked and Swiss state-accredited Online MBA provides true flexibility, autonomy and support all at once. It is designed for students looking for a fully online MBA that still has the benefit of interacting with lecturers and peers through live webinars (organised outside of working hours). The Online MBA has the same prerequisites as the Personalised MBA.


Executive MBA

The state-accredited Executive MBA program from SBS Swiss Business School is tailored for mid- to senior-level professionals with significant work experience. This program emphasises face-to-face interaction, group projects and networking opportunities. A bachelor’s degree remains a prerequisite on top of previous managerial experience (minimum of five years).

DBA program

SBS Swiss Business School was the first to introduce the Doctor of Business Administration Program (DBA) to Switzerland in 2006. It is an integrated work and research program for management practitioners and professionals who are motivated towards making a significant contribution to practice and policy. The program may be completed in a minimum of three years.

Executive education

SBS Swiss Business School also offers a wide range of Diploma Programs and Certificate Courses developed for passionate individuals to enhance their leadership and operational skills. Some certificate courses address very specific topics such as Organisational Leadership, Strategic Change Management and Strategic Marketing in a Digital World, to name a few.

Enrol in SBS Swiss Business School

Today is the day to take the inaugural step towards realising your professional aspirations through the power of education. Pave the way for your future success with SBS Swiss Business School!



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