Susannas Lern-Ecke: Guiding your child to success in Swiss schools

Susannas Lern-Ecke: Guiding your child to success in Swiss schools


If your child is struggling with the transition to the Swiss education system, needs help improving their French, German, English or Swiss German, or you simply want to give them a helping hand with a particular subject, Susannas Lern-Ecke provides tutoring and coaching to help guide your child towards success. 

“Every child should have a Susanna Pap at their side”

Susannas Lern-Ecke: Tutoring and coaching for kids in Switzerland

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided to send your child to a Swiss school — a good decision. For the most part, Swiss schools do a good job, but some expat children do struggle with adapting to life in Switzerland and the Swiss education system. 

Susannas Lern-Ecke offers coaching and tutoring for all levels and school types. As well as offering instruction in important subjects, Susanna can help and guide your child through important decisions in their education, for instance:

  • Finding out which school system fits your expectations according to your child’s level and future plans.
  • Providing the necessary teaching support in the fields of languages, mathematics, science and history. 
  • Teaching your child how to compose various types of texts and deal with other topics that might come up in their education.

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The Swiss school system

While every Swiss canton has a different school system, they have one thing in common: They are all a little complicated. Students may find it difficult to decide which school path is best for them. With many years of experience with Swiss schools, Susanna is able to give useful advice on how to plan your child’s school career. 

Languages in Swiss schools

Four different languages are spoken in Switzerland — that’s a lot to learn in school and can make it a challenge for children to assimilate. At Susannas Lern-Ecke teaching is adapted to the level and needs of your child. Teaching can cover:

  • German & Schwizerdütsch: That’s two different languages! The Swiss dialect “Schwizerdütsch'' is generally spoken at home, among friends and in the street. It’s the Swiss language of the heart. German (Hochdeutsch) is spoken at school and at work in German-speaking regions, and students will be expected to be able to read and write in German. 
  • While it is the main language of learning in the Romande region, French is also compulsory in schools in Switzerland from Grade 3 onwards, which is a time when most students are still struggling with their German grammar and spelling.
  • English is taught from Grade 5 onwards. 
  • Other languages like Italian, Spanish, or Latin are optional in secondary school. However, it's important to bear in mind that Italian is the language of learning in Canton Ticino.

Composing texts

At Susannas Lern-Ecke your child can also learn how to compose various types of texts for different subjects at school. Rather than writing the texts for your child, Susanna teaches them how to do it themselves - a skill that will come in useful for the duration of the rest of their life! Susanna also offers proofreading services for finished essays and papers. 

Using her approximately 1.000 book-strong library, Susanna is also able to showcase the many examples of texts that illustrate the enormous variety of language used in different types of literature.

Contact Susannas Lern-Ecke — The best solution!

If you want to give the most experienced support for your child at school, get in touch with Susannas Lern-Ecke, and ensure your child passes their exams with better grades, achieves success in life, and — most importantly — has fun while learning. 



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