Lucerne International School: Where education meets innovation

Lucerne International School: Where education meets innovation


In the dynamic landscape of international education, Lucerne International School (LIS) stands as a beacon of innovation in student-centred education. The school is thrilled to announce, due to continued growth and demand, a move to a state-of-the-art campus in Root D4 Business Village in February 2024.

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Personalised learning redefined

At the heart of the Lucerne International School philosophy is its revolutionary approach to education, which provides a personalised and blended learning experience for each and every student. This creates a learning environment where students are able to reach their academic and personal potential. The school's curriculum is tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles and interests, as well as unique / individualised timelines.

The curriculum, detailed on the LIS website, explains the institution's dedication to building the skills, knowledge and attributes for successful learning. By integrating a unique, personalised approach, LIS ensures that education is not a one-size-fits-all concept and that its students are fully equipped to be effective global citizens in the digital age.


LIS: A unique and innovative approach

To delve deeper into their methodology behind personalised learning, read about their innovative approach. Here, the school outlines the strategies employed to foster a conducive learning environment - where students take an active role in their learning journey. This type of caring environment can help promote their growth holistically.

For an insider's view of how personalised learning operates, explore how it works in practice. LIS’s commitment to the transformative impact on students can be seen in its outstanding academic track record and the university acceptance rate of its graduates.

A new, futuristic campus

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing an unparalleled educational experience, LIS is excited to announce its relocation to the vibrant Root D4 Business Village. This move signifies not only a physical expansion but also a recognition of a paradigm shift in its educational approach.

Situated amidst the thriving business hub in Lucerne, the Root D4 Business Village offers an inspiring environment that encourages learning and personal development. With cutting-edge facilities and a thoughtfully designed campus, the new LIS location in Root D4 Business Village aims to create an ecosystem that nurtures creativity, critical thinking and global citizenship.

Modern academic facilities

The move to Root D4 Business Village aligns seamlessly with the LIS vision of preparing students for a world that demands adaptability and innovation. The new campus will feature state-of-the-art classrooms, collaborative spaces and modern technology, creating an atmosphere where students are inspired to excel academically and creatively.


A collaborative journey

In the spirit of embracing progress and fostering a community committed to excellence, LIS invites parents, students and education enthusiasts to join them on this exciting journey. As the school continues to push the boundaries of traditional education, the relocation to Root D4 Business Village marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence.

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Lucerne International School - where personalised learning meets innovation and the future of education unfolds. Visit the LIS website to discover more about the school's vision, mission and ground-breaking approach to personalised learning which sets it apart on the global stage.



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