How to upgrade your leadership skills while working full-time

How to upgrade your leadership skills while working full-time


Improving one's academic managment skills while still managing to run a business or work full-time: for many ambitious individuals, this sounds ideal. But how do you find enough time for both? 

Even though combining a full-time job with further education might seem like hard work at first, it is manageable without compromising either side. There is a way to implement an additional degree into a 40-hour workweek and the TUM School of Management has cast it into shape: the modular structure of its part-time Executive MBA programme enables the balance between professional and private lives with a flexible study programme.

Discover the full range of part-time Executive MBA programmes at TUM

Take your skillset to the next level - without leaving your job

TUM School of Management offers a solution for professionals who work full time and don't want to give up their day job, but still want to level up their skills in management: the part-time Executive MBA programme. 

The Executive MBAs are divided into modules that generally last between two and six days, making it easier for students to schedule, plan and prepare their workload ahead of time so that they can fully concentrate on their studies during the modules. After each module, the participants can immediately apply the learnings and tools acquired into their daily business. 

The Executive MBA programmes offered by TUM

Combining cutting-edge research with profound practical industry expertise, there are three main programmes in the Executive MBA portfolio at TUM: 

The Executive MBA

The Executive MBA provides students with strategic expertise, challenges their personal development, strengthens their leadership skills and broadens their network in the industry. The programme is targeted at experienced executives, professionals or managers and empowers them to become the next generation of responsible leaders.

Over six core modules, students learn the fundamentals of general management. The content can be customised so that participants can deepen their skills in elective modules according to their individual interests. A course on international management and intercultural collaboration sharpens the feel for global, professional collaborations, while continuous leadership and personal development units put participants themselves to the test. 

Another extra for travel enthusiasts: a study trip to an international partner university is part of the part-time programme.

The Executive MBA in Business & IT

Targeted at experienced IT specialists, technical experts, digital managers or executives, the Executive MBA in Business & IT links leadership and communication skills with technology. The programme focuses on digital transformation, entrepreneurship, business processes and technology, leadership, personal development, and IT security and privacy management. 

Moreover, it offers students the opportunity to study in two different countries at two Triple Crown accredited business schools: TUM School of Management and the University of St. Gallen.

This part-time programme offers the most flexible schedule. The programme can be tailored to your individual needs and the modules can be completed in two to three years. In addition to the 10 core modules, students benefit from a study trip to an international partner university and the possibility to network with numerous business partners and expert speakers from academia as well as the IT sector during the whole programme.

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The Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation

The Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation is the right programme for individuals who want to learn how to identify business opportunities and drive innovation while strengthening their leadership skills. 

In six core modules, students learn the theoretical framework of management, which they can put into practice in two project modules. With guidance from business experts, they develop their own innovation or startup project. 

The programme, which places a great emphasis on practical exchange, is organised into two to six day blocks and can be completed in four semesters. It is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, corporate innovators and visionaries and offers unique learning opportunities, including a study trip to the University of Berkeley in the US.

Discover the full range of TUM Executive MBAs

One of the key benefits to the TUM Executive MBA programmes is that they offer the possibility to combine further education with a full-time working position. Get to know more about the part-time programmes now!

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