Discover a world-class education at La Côte International School

Discover a world-class education at La Côte International School


One of the main things parents ask when applying for La Côte International School Aubonne (LCIS) in Switzerland is: “Why does LCIS offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) as their graduating qualification?", and more specifically, "Does this qualification prepare students well (or may it disadvantage them) when they apply to Swiss universities?" 

Discover a world-class education at LCIS

How an IB diploma from LCIS benefits your child

The IBDP is highly regarded by top universities around the world for its breadth and depth of knowledge that requires students to study at least two languages, master traditional subjects, and explore the nature of knowledge itself through the unique Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course. The wide range of IBDP subjects available at LCIS allows students to focus on their strengths and realise their interests while ensuring academic rigour and excellent future opportunities.

Through their student-centred approach to the programme, LCIS believes that the IB diploma is the ideal route to get into universities, not just in Switzerland but worldwide. Almost all countries now accept the IBDP as a university entrance qualification, recognising its rigour, breadth and emphasis on a holistic, internationally-minded approach to subject teaching.

The programme's core components  - Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Creativity Action Service (CAS), and the Extended Essay (EE) - are widely recognised as better equipping students with the skills required to succeed at university and work than other qualifications. The Extended Essay, in particular, is seen as excellent preparation for university study.

LCIS learning prepares students for university

Through the LCIS academic programmes, students focus on independent study, time management, engagement, and critical thinking, making the transition to university all the smoother. This is especially apparent when comparing LCIS’ IBDP graduates with graduates from other school systems. For instance, data suggests that IBDP diploma graduates are less likely to drop out in their first year of university compared to graduates of other qualifications. 

LCIS principal Andy Puttock said that their IBDP programme “offers a great balance between specialisation and breadth.” He acknowledged that while in the past the IBDP has often been mis-valued by admissions staff when compared to other domestic programmes, “The IB Organisation has invested significant time and resources in working with the higher education sector to build understanding, recognition and acceptance.” 

“Nowadays, the IBDP is recognised as a valid and sought-after qualification, with parity to other qualifications in most countries,” he added. Indeed, graduates of LCIS have been admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in Switzerland and around the world.

Discover how LCIS opens doors for your child's future

At LCIS, they are committed to tailoring their school offer to each student, personalising their learning and support to fit their starting points and aspirations. High-quality university guidance is essential whether students aspire to study in Switzerland or abroad. It ensures that they access the best universities and those that best suit their own needs, talents, and aspirations, both on leaving school and in the future.

Interested to learn more? Join them for a school tour or virtual discovery meeting. Discover what LCIS can offer your family, find out about the admissions process, and explore just what makes the school such a special place for students. 



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