Software Engineer

IT & Technology

Project Overview:
We are seeking a talented individual to build a comprehensive single-entry data site for the Server Platform. This site will include market data and segmentation, with a focus on assessing value creation for customers across various quality dimensions such as efficiency, reliability, productivity, and compliance.

Key Responsibilities:
Requirement Collection: Gather requirements for the data site and identify key metrics of interest for the team.

Data Source Assessment: Evaluate existing data sources and metrics that can be utilized to achieve project objectives and implement any missing elements.

Pipeline Improvement: Enhance data collection and aggregation pipelines to increase efficiency and reliability, while expanding existing data and drilldowns.

Dashboard Implementation:

  • Develop dashboards to demonstrate the state of Server Platform efficiency and its changes over time, covering aspects such as internal and end-users’ jobs, resource usage, utilization, and platform comparisons.
  • Extend dashboard coverage to include other quality dimensions such as reliability, productivity, and compliance.
  • Create product-specific dashboards providing adoption and impact data.

Required Skills/Experience/Education:

Code Comprehension: Ability to extract relevant information from code in one or more core languages and frameworks. Utilize the code as a resource to create work output for users or stakeholders.

Data Structures and Algorithms: Proficiency in selecting or designing algorithms and appropriate data structures to solve problems or enhance products, frameworks, or system scale/speed/efficiency/reliability.

Debugging and Bug-Fixing: Capability to debug, triage, and fix program code or technical issues (e.g., hardware, software, application, operational, process). Conduct root-cause analysis, isolate the source of the problem, and resolve bugs.

Programming for Software Engineering: Kledge of programming languages, including programming practices, major features and capabilities, and system management tools.

This role is ideal for individuals with a strong technical background and a passion for creating impactful data-driven insights. If you have a knack for turning complex data into actionable intelligence and enjoy working in a dynamic environment, we would love to hear from you.