Remote Contracting: DevOps in CH Blockchain Company [110’000 - 140’000 CHF]

IT & Technology

Salary 110’000 - 140’000 CHF per year
Requirements:- You are used to work within the following ecosystem:
- Cloud Infrastructure (GCP, AWS)
- Container Runtimes (Docker, docker-compose, Docker Registry)
- Configuration Management (Terraform, Ansible)
- Continuous Integration (Github Actions)
- Operating Systems (Linux)
- Scripting (Bash, Python)
- Development (Javascript, Typescript, NPM, Yarn)

Responsibilities:- Create and maintain all company IT resources and processes which are used by the dev team for product development and hosting of essential services.

Technologies:- GCP
- Docker
- Terraform
- Linux
More: Our client is a mission driven, fast-growing tech company that is focusing on Data Privacy in the Web 3.0
You will play a key role in a decentralized team and providing your expert kledge around DevOps topics.
The idea is to join asap for a minimum duration of 3 months on a temporary contract.


Seilergraben 53, Zurich