Experienced Software Engineer in Product Development [90’000 - 100’000 CHF]

IT & Technology

Salary 90’000 - 100’000 CHF per year
Requirements:- BS, MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent experience
Expertise in developing sustainable complex software systems with at least 5 years of experience in the industry
Interest in working with machine learning applications
Keen on sharing kledge and experience within the team
Experience with functional programming languages (e.g., Haskell, F#, Scala)
Proficient communication skills in English

Responsibilities:- You will be part of the team that develops our intelligent document processing platform at Acodis, contributing to the back-end infrastructure that powers our product. Working at the cross-section of research and industry, your job is to combine solid software engineering with state-of-the-art machine learning models designed by our ML team to build scalable and reliable industry-ready solutions.

Collaborate with internal stakeholders and teams, including front-end developers, researchers, and product managers to design, implement and release new features to our IDP platform
your experience in software engineering to contribute to a sustainable development environment
Keep up to date with the latest and emerging technologies

Technologies:- Haskell
- .NET Framework
- F#
More: Acodis is a leading software company in intelligent document processing. We enable businesses to better use their documents by using machine learning and deep learning. Our mission is simple: to simplify the way enterprises unlock valuable insights from any document - in seconds.

At Acodis, we are an international team of experts and talents passionate about fusing humans and technology. We are looking for enthusiastic and eager individuals to join our growth path of a SaaS scale-up.


Technoparkstrasse 2, Winterthur