Automation Technician


About the Role

We're searching for a skilled and enthusiastic Automation Technician to kickstart the Manufacturing team at our company. This role involves working on our advanced thin film deposition machines. As the pioneering recruit in this area, you'll be part of shaping our manufacturing processes and have considerable scope for growth within our team.Your tasks will include getting up to speed with our thin film deposition machines in partnership with the Engineering team, assembling these machines with an emphasis on mechanical and electrical components, and mastering our Manufacturing Workflow in our ERP system to effectively produce assemblies and subassemblies.→ Learn more about this role and your potential with us at:

What You Will Achieve

First 3 Months: Learn the Ropes

  • Product Learning: Get hands-on with our thin film deposition machines and learn how they work by working with the Engineering team.
  • ERP Skills: Get to k our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  system for ordering materials, making work orders, managing job cards, and understanding the manufacturing process.
  • Team Integration: Become part of the team, learning our work methods, communication styles, and dynamics.

First 6 Months: Take Charge

  • Assembly Skills: Start managing assembly projects and get comfortable with both the mechanical and electrical parts of our equipment.
  • Process Improvement: Oversee machine production processes, ensuring the accuracy of assembly documentation for standardization and replication.
  • Inventory Management: Handle basic material transfers to maintain stock for production, and for testing new parts and components.
  • Custom Parts Sourcing: Find suppliers and ensure they receive accurate technical specs and verify the parts meet our exact standards. When necessary, use in-house 3D printing for fast prototyping

First Year: Master your Craft

  • Important Team Member: Become a crucial part of the manufacturing team, skilled in machine assembly and problem-solving.
  • Manufacturing Improvement: Start initiatives to make our manufacturing environment more streamlined, organized, and efficient.
  • Streamline Product Design: Contribute to the development of our products to simplify and streamline their manufacturing process.

Beyond: Broaden Your Skill Set

  • Role Definition and Evolution: As your expertise grows, you will have the autonomy to define your role within the team, bringing your unique skills and perspective to our work.
  • Get new kledge: Depending on your interests, various evolutions are possible; production planning, product life cycle management, quality control and assurance, PCB design, etc.
  • Engagement in R&D: You are encouraged to increase your involvement in research and development, using your hands-on product experience to contribute to our ongoing innovation and testing of new components and products. 

Skills You Need To Bring

  • Technical Training: an apprenticeship as Automatiker/ Schaltanlagenmonteur/ Elektroinstallateur/Mechatroniker Elektromonteur, Electronician, or similar
  • Industry Experience: 1-3 years of working experience are highly valued.
  • Electronics Assembly: Proficient in assembling electronics, including tasks such as soldering and cable installations (including 230V).
  • Workshop Skills: Basic mechanical workshop skills including drilling, threading, and cutting.
  • Language Proficiency: Advanced written and spoken English, our working language. Kledge of German or French is a plus.

Nice to Haves

  • Production Planning: Experience or a genuine interest in production planning will be a plus.
  • Vacuum Technology: Familiarity with vacuum technology or thin-film deposition processes
  • Prototyping: Enthusiasm for fast prototyping and proficiency in 3D printing.

What We Can Offer

  • Accessible Offices: Our new HQ is located in front of Spiez Bahnhof, about~40 min from Bern Bahnhof.
  • Paid Time Off: We offer 25 days of paid holidays each year, plus a break from Christmas to New Year
  • Flexibility: Benefit from our adaptable work arrangements designed to fit your chronotype and life demands. Full-time positions are based on a 40-hour work-week, and for this role, we're open to considering an 80% schedule.
  • Multicultural Team: You will join our team of 9 full-time employees, representing 7 nationalities.
  • Open Culture: Thrive in an environment that values transparency and open communication, where everyone has a voice.
  • Continuous Growth: We support your personal and professional development, offering opportunities to expand your skill set and advance your career.