Full-Stack Software Engineer (80-100% permanent)


Offered by:

IDUN Technologies AG

IT & Technology

Your Background

  • 3+ years of experience developing API-focused web services
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with cloud computing, backend and frontend engineering, and/or API/SDK development
  • Experience coding in test-driven TypeScript and Python
  • Experience in time-series, in-memory, relational and document databases that work in real-time focused architectures
  • Ideally, previous experience working in research-driven and interdisciplinary environments operating with hardware/IoT
  • Kledgeable in modern web technologies such as Progressive Web Apps (e.g. service workers), WebAssembly (e.g. Python to Wasm), WebBluetooth (BLE), WebSocket etc.
  • js frontends and Capacitor.js native app builds
  • Containerized microservices and message queues
  • AWS and Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • GraphQL APIs with FastAPI and Nest.js
  • Experience in C/C++ or Rust is a plus
  • GitHub with GitHub Actions

 Your MindsetYou enjoy having in-depth discussions about tough problems and fine-tuning designs, but you understand that in the end, it all boils down to delivering a production-ready solution that works every time.You are a resourceful member of an interdisciplinary and communicative team and are flexible and adaptable; no task is too big or too small and you get excited about technical challenges nobody has solved before.You have the freedom and responsibility to make your own decisions and tackle your tasks in your way. We will care for you and your happiness at IDUN and we will always listen to your inputs.