Software Engineer

IT & Technology

You are a Software Engineer and looking to get a new role ?  A 8 months mission in Lausanne with a start immediately so Local profile will be a priority for interviews

100% remote admit for Swiss resident
 This opportunity is for you:

  • Mission 1 – Prevent Regression – Validate the scenarios in Dev
    • Create tooling for abstracting graphQL / NQL queries
    • Adapt the tests to prevent regression on the new scenarios
    • Run them in Jenkins targeting Dev
    • Ability to evolve the tests with each release
  • Mission 2 – Monitoring & Alerting – Validate the scenarios in Prod
    • Adapt the tests from mission 1 to monitor Production (New Relic)
    • Clever load to system (play with frequency)
    • Clever alerting to Support
  • Mission 3 – Release validation – Validate the demo data in Prod is 1:1 with Dev after each new release
    • Full coverage of all dashboards (incl. administration pages)
    • One-to-one comparison for each environment in Prod to a master image in Dev
    • Run them in Jenkins
  • Collaboration
    • Presence required in all meetings from Demo Team (Daily, Sprint review, Grooming, Retrospective)
    • Work autonomously
  • Required skills
    • Is a plus: Python / Docker / Jenkins
    • Must: node JS / JavaScript
    • Should: graphQL / New Relic

English fluent
French is a plus