Swiss firms offer a month's extra salary (or vacation) to attract new workers

Swiss firms offer a month's extra salary (or vacation) to attract new workers

A new report by 20 Minuten has found that some businesses are offering workers a 14-month salary agreement or extra weeks of holiday in an attempt to fill jobs in Switzerland. The move comes as firms across Swiss industries try to tackle the ongoing skills shortage

Car Garage in Herisau looking for qualified workers

According to the Swiss newspaper, one of the firms offering perks for new workers is a garage in Herisau, Appenzell Ausserrhoden. There, the employer is looking for skilled workers in the field of mechatronics and is offering four weeks of extra holiday or a 14th month salary for qualified workers - meaning they will receive three months' worth of salary every December. 

With a deal like that, when one anonymous mechatronics technician from St. Gallen saw the vacancy, it was not surprising that he was keen to apply. "The garage offers new employees a 14th month's wages or alternatively four weeks of additional vacation… I could hardly believe it. Of course I applied straight away”, he told 20 Minuten

Employer hopes that high-quality candidates will be motivated to apply

The newspaper also spoke to the owner of the garage: “We feel the shortage of skilled workers. I have to react to that…With our offer, I hope that we can attract good and competent people”, he said. 

The business’s owner has been offering the benefits to his employees since last year. “They can decide for themselves whether they want their 14th monthly salary or more vacation time. But you can also ask for two weeks more vacation and half your wages more, for example”, he said.

The head of the Swiss Auto Trade Association (AGVS) said he welcomes the idea, arguing that it is not surprising that employers are having to take such measures. “There is a major shortage of skilled workers in the automotive industry. The garage owners have to create creative incentives to address new people and not lose the qualified specialists to the competition”, AGVS head Olivier Maeder told 20 Minuten

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