Over 200 international firms moved to Switzerland in 2022

Over 200 international firms moved to Switzerland in 2022

Switzerland remains a country popular with investors from abroad, experts at The Conference of Cantonal Economic Directors said on April 3. In all, 265 international companies began operating in Switzerland in 2022, creating 1.199 jobs during their opening year in the alpine nation. 

2022’s newcomers will create 3.100 new jobs in Switzerland in the next three years

The new arrivals in Switzerland plan to create a further 3.100 jobs across Swiss cantons in the next three years. Many of the new firms are in the life science and IT industries. 

Economists in Switzerland had feared that new tax rules announced in 2019 would deter foreign investors from setting up shop in the country. Switzerland changed its tax rules four years ago to better align with European Union requests to create a more level playing field in terms of economic competition. 

Foreign investment in Switzerland relatively unaffected by COVID-19

The continued presence and expansion of international companies in Switzerland demonstrate that foreign investment in the country remains relatively unaffected by the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Swissinfo, the number of firms entering the Swiss market in 2022 aligns with the figures for previous years, before the COVID-19 pandemic and tax changes.

International companies in Switzerland are key employers in many Swiss cities. Some of the world’s most well-known companies headquartered in Switzerland include Novartis in Basel, ABB in Zurich, Nestlé in Vaud and agriculture giant Cargill in Geneva.

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