Government announces new plan to cut food waste in Switzerland

Government announces new plan to cut food waste in Switzerland

The Federal Council of Switzerland has launched its new “action plan” to combat food waste in the country. Almost a third of the food bought in Switzerland is currently wasted or thrown away.

War in Ukraine makes it necessary to reduce food waste

In a statement, the government said that on average, every person in Switzerland wastes around 330 kilograms of food a year. They said that the war in Ukraine, and the subsequent sanctions placed on Russia have exacerbated food insecurity globally, making it all the more important to save food at home.

Food waste in Switzerland also has an impact on the environment, with the council noting that a quarter of the environmental impact of the human diet is attributable to food waste, as the production of food requires water, energy and land. Food that is thrown away “causes costs all along the production and value chain, which is reflected in the end prices for consumers,” the council said.

New action plan to reduce food waste in Switzerland

The new action plan signed into law on April 6 targets international companies, cantons, councils and the food industry. The first phase will involve convincing institutions to reduce food waste voluntarily, either by informing consumers about shelf life, planning better logistics or increasing donations to those most in need.

In the long term, the government hopes to reduce food waste by 25 percent by 2025, and by half by 2030.  If the first goal is not achieved, the council said they will take “additional measures” to make sure food waste declines.

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