10 funniest Swiss memes that describe life in Switzerland

10 funniest Swiss memes that describe life in Switzerland

Once you’ve been living in Switzerland for a while, you begin to appreciate the funny little quirks that epitomise the country and its people. Thanks to the internet, these funny moments and inside jokes about Switzerland have been immortalised in the form of memes. Here are some of our favourites!

Jokes about Switzerland and funny Swiss memes

There are a lot of jokes that are made about Switzerland, especially on the internet. The country has its own way of doing things and that often makes for some great punchlines. Some of the most commonly found memes about the alpine nation poke fun at Swiss German, the country’s stance on neutrality in armed conflicts and the fact that there are so many votes and referendums every year. 

Swiss German memes

Many of us took the time to learn just a little bit of German before we moved to Switzerland, just to make sure we could figure out the basics, but the German we learnt was definitely not like this...

And this great advice from a wise German teacher should never be forgotten. 

Swiss Army memes

Aside from the chaotic language, the Swiss love to poke fun at the country’s military - be it the mandatory conscription, the centuries of military neutrality or even the famous Swiss army knife…


As a side note, we want to make it very clear that Switzerland is not Sweden and that Swiss people really don’t appreciate it when people mix the two countries up. In case anyone needs any further proof:

Swiss Army knife memes

Even rap mega-stars know the power held by an individual who can wield a knife, corkscrew, pliers, screwdriver and a tiny pair of scissors all at the same time:

      This is a job for me
by      u/Pudenator in      memes   

Swiss neutrality jokes

In the same vein, it's not just the Swiss Army that are mocked for their military non-participation. The Swiss are often generally mocked for being conflict-averse thanks to the country’s neutral stance. Naturally, this makes for some first-class memes about Switzerland and its tendency not to get involved.

Some people around the world are very grateful for Switzerland’s neutrality since it could have made things trickier during the World Wars…

Swiss hockey memes

The Swiss are also known for their love of ice hockey. Thanks to the country’s love of all things cheesy, the internet has created some truly hilarious crossover memes, like this gem from the Embassy of Switzerland in Canada.

Switzerland jokes

There are always some classic jokes too, especially about the Swiss flag.

Or this Swiss starter pack teaching you how to really fit in and be a proper “Schweizer”:

      Swiss stereotypes starter pack
by      u/InternationalOdd in      starterpacks   

Enjoy some of the best Swiss memes

Now that you're starting to settle in Switzerland, it's a great time to have a little fun as you get to know the country a bit better. There are loads of other hilarious jokes and memes about Switzerland you can find online - just search for Swiss memes on your favourite social media site!

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