Best escape rooms in Switzerland

Best escape rooms in Switzerland

Want to try a new and exciting excursion? Then an escape room could be a great way to spend time with your closest friends or family without spending a fortune on a fancy venue or pricey activity. Here are some of the best escape rooms that Switzerland has to offer!

Escape rooms in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and therefore it makes sense that there are a number of great escape rooms that also operate in English. There are also several establishments that offer experiences in German too, so you and your friends can take your pick!

Escape room Zurich

ROOM Escape Room Zurich

This English-speaking escape room in Zurich is highly praised in reviews, with many people regarding it as one of the best escape rooms the city has to offer. The venue has several rooms, themed in the style of Gulliver's Travels, The Da Vinci Code and a 1980s arcade game, which can be played on both easy and hard modes. What's more, there are also options for people seeking a scarier adventure. 

The Escape Zurich 

Another highly rated escape room in Zurich that is available in both English and German is The Escape Zurich. Once you have chosen one of five themed rooms, you have one hour to solve all the puzzles needed to complete the mission alongside five of your friends or family members. 

Escape rooms in Lucerne 

For people who are lucky enough to live in the wonderful city of Lucerne, there are some of the country’s best escape rooms located nearby! Here are some of the best!

Escape rooms Lucerne

The Riddle Escape Games (Lucerne)

The Riddle Escape Games has challenges in English and offers a number of rooms with deep and interesting riddles. The complex even has a spooky escape room as well as a mixture of questions, gadgets and interesting objects to inspect and interact with. 

Escape Company Luzern

This escape room offers a simple booking process, even offering last-minute slots. Many reviews praise the friendly and helpful staff for making this escape room extra special. Just pick one of the four themed rooms and have a blast!

Escape rooms in Geneva

Geneva, as one of the most international cities in Switzerland, has a number of escape rooms operating in both French and English, so you and your local or international friends can work together to solve puzzles and win the challenge!

Escape room in Geneva

Grand Trip Trap Hotel Geneva 

Grand Hotel Trip Trap follows a stunning and interesting theme, immersing guests in the wonderful atmosphere of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel - a hotel designed in the style of the Belle Epoque Era. The nine different English and French language rooms follow a number of interesting storylines, and they even offer special rooms for kids!

Escape rooms in Bern

In the de-facto capital, there are several great options for international escape rooms that are easily accessible by car or public transport. Though there are fewer options in Bern than in other major Swiss cities, there are still plenty of highly-rated expat-friendly locations. 

escape rooms in Bern

Mastermind Escape Rooms Bern

Mastermind Escape Rooms operate rooms in German and English and have friendly and helpful game masters that can help you solve their trickiest puzzles. Some of the highlights include solving puzzles in exciting locations, from medieval dungeons to beautifully decorated manor rooms. Best of all, the location is very close to the train station, making it super convenient too!

Time to escape

Though this is not an exhaustive list, we hope you now know some great options for English-language and international-friendly escape rooms in Switzerland. Now it’s time to brush up on your puzzles and knowledge before the game is afoot! Enjoy!

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