5 beautiful Swiss small towns to visit

5 beautiful Swiss small towns to visit

As a country of rivers, stunning mountains and picturesque lakes, cities in Switzerland are often set among majestic surroundings. However, it isn't just the landscape that makes Switzerland captivating, as many of country's villages and towns are also well worth a visit.

Stunning Swiss towns expats and locals have to visit

Along with the larger cities of Switzerland, there are many beautiful Swiss towns that expats and locals need to see. Whether it be for the opulent surroundings or heritage, no trip to Switzerland would be complete without visiting a local village. Here are five of our favourites: 

Stein am Rhein

Situated along the Rhein river, the town of Stein am Rhein is a must-see for any traveller or curious expat. The old town specifically is well known for its immaculately decorated houses, depicting religious events, battles and significant moments in Swiss history.

When in Stein am Rhein, be sure to check out the waterfront for some fresh fish from the river. Only, 1 hour 17 minutes by train from Zurich, Stein am Rhein is a perfect place for a grand day out.

Stein am Rhein visit Switzerland


Switzerland’s own “city of roses,” the town of Bischoffzell, Canton Thurgau is most famous for its flowers and old town. In the spring, the locals in the town decorate 26 fountains with freshly cut flowers, creating a rainbow wave of colour that has to be seen to be believed.

Along with flowers, the old town of Bischoffzell has been well preserved, including the remains of a once-formidable castle. The town is only half an hour away from St. Gallen and is really worth a visit if you find yourself in eastern Switzerland.


Nestled in a small valley on the banks of the River Doubs, the small medieval town of Saint-Ursanne is regularly voted as the most beautiful in Switzerland. With its cute church and cloister, the town is straight out of a fairy tale.

Named the “Pearl of Jura”, the town is home to a number of art galleries and antique shops. However, the peaceful isolation of the town comes at a cost, with the closest Swiss city, Basel, being over an hour away by train.

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Despite being more famous for its cheese, the town of Gruyères is also home to an imposing castle and stunning mountains. Gruyères itself has cobblestone streets and picturesque buildings, many of which have stood for hundreds of years.

Visitors can look around Chateau Gruyères, a hilltop fortress that is over 800 years old, or visit the Gruyères cheese factory, home to the most popular cheese in Switzerland.

Gruyeres city Switzerland


A city steeped in history, the ancient town of Murten sits high above the Murtensee in central Switzerland. Placed along the Röstigraben - the border between French and German-speaking Switzerland - Murten or Morat has been a settlement since 8200 BC. It has also been a prominent location in Swiss history, being the site of the Battle of Murten which resulted in a decisive Swiss victory against the Burgundians.

Not too far away is the city of Avranches, which was once the Roman capital of Switzerland. As a result, the surrounding area has ancient Roman walls, part of a Roman viaduct and an amphitheatre.

Murten city visit Switzerland

Go out there and see for yourself!

This is only a selection of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland. If you have a favourite town that you think every tourist needs to visit, let us know in the comments below!

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