Zurich Carnival

Zurich Carnival

Feb 16, 2024Feb 18, 2024

Join in on the Zurich Carnival from February 16 to 18 for an unforgettable experience of loud music and wild colours!


The ZüriCarneval encompasses marching bands, parades and bars, giving the whole city an incredibly lively ambience. Hirschenplatz, in the heart of the Niederdorf (or old town) Quarter, is the site for “Minira Guggestadl”. For three days, various “Guggen” bands, which are mostly brass ensembles, loudly bellow famous songs purposefully out of tune.

Additionally, people wear intricately designed masks and parade through the villages and towns in the regions of Zurich, giving rise to the festive nature of the carnival. The carnival has a plethora of various activities that are perfect for families with children, such as the kid’s carnival where children can show off their delightful costumes while playing many different games.

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Thumb image credit: / Martin Lehmann