Züri Fäscht

Züri Fäscht

Jul 07, 2023Jul 09, 2023
Zurich city centre

Don't miss out on one of the largest festivals in Switzerland, Züri Fäscht, which occurs on the first weekend of July every three years in the city of Zurich

History of Züri Fäscht 

The first edition of Züri Fäscht dates back to 1951, but the event we see today has been taking place since 1976. Züri Fäscht became a semi-permanent part of Zurich's summers in 1991, and has since been coined "the festival of festivals". 

About Züri Fäscht

Züri Fäscht is one of the largest festivals in Switzerland, and it is highly anticipated, as it only occurs once every three years on the first weekend in July. With an average attendance of over 2 million people per festival, Züri Fäscht is packed with a variety of events, concerts and musical firework displays, making it a great event for children, families and groups of friends alike! 

During the festival, practically the entirety of the old town and the area around Lake Zurich is converted from a bustling city centre to a vibrant festival and fairground. There are a plethora of music and food stands, as well as fairground rides and special events dotted across the city. Each day, festivities start in the afternoon and end in the early hours of the morning.

Additionally, a major highlight of the festival occurs on Friday and Saturday evenings, when there will be a magnificent firework show. 

As for reaching the festival, public transportation will be altered so that as many people as possible can attend the event - a good thing too: drivers be advised that much of central Zurich will be closed for the entirety of the festival. In the evenings, there will be additional trains running from Zurich to suburbs and other Swiss cities, so make sure to check SBB's modified schedule so that you can make it back home even during the early hours of the morning. 

Attending the largest festival in Zurich

Excited to attend one of Zurich's largest festivals and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather in Switzerland? Head over to the official Züri Fäscht website for the full programme, information on the events, the modified public transportation schedule, and all other pertinent information. 

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