Swiss Castle Day

Swiss Castle Day

Oct 03, 2021
Various castles

For one day a year all across Switzerland, 25 castles and palaces are typically open to the public, with interesting programmes for all ages. Many Swiss castles are already open to the public, but this special day means that privately-owned residences or castles that are used commercially can be accessed by the general public.

The sixth Swiss Castle Day

Every year there’s a distinct theme during Swiss Castle Day, to act as a common thread that connects the numerous events happening in castles all over Switzerland. This year, the sixth year of Swiss Castle Day focuses on women. Did you know that in the Middle Ages 15 percent more women than men lived at that time? Much of our history books are written by (and about) men, but there were plenty of interesting women from the Middle Ages, who have not been lost to history.

Find out what the ladies of the castles experienced, and which parts of the castles they were most likely to frequent. Embark on exciting garden tours where you’ll be introduced to "female plants" and get an insight into what it was like to be a maid at a Swiss castle. It's an ideal day out for families with kids.

Lenzburg Castle near Zurich Switzerland

Attractions at 25 Swiss castles

On the occasion of the sixth Swiss Castle Day, the 25 member castles have devised exciting programmes for visitors. Here are a small handful of the confirmed castles in the 2021 edition of Swiss Castle Day:

  • Lenzburg Castle in Canton Aargau
  • Prangins Castle in Canton Vaud 
  • Heidegg Castle in Canton Lucerne
  • Jegenstorf Castle in Canton Bern
  • Landshut Castle in Canton Bern
  • Kyburg Castle in Canton Zurich
  • Oberhofen Castle in Canton Bern
  • Bellinzona Castles in Canton Ticino

Attend Swiss Castle Day 2021

This special day dedicated to castles happens just once a year, so visit the Swiss Castle Association site, choose a castle and enjoy yourself at the castle of your choice on Sunday, October 3, 2021.