Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg

Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg

Nov 17, 2022Nov 20, 2022
La Bûche, Place Georges-Python

Fondue is one of the foods most associated with Switzerland. This season, as the days get shorter and the weather becomes colder, why not attend a whole festival dedicated to this cheese wonder? Get ready for Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg!

Fondue is ideally shared by big groups of people, and that's why this is a perfect occasion for a day out in downtown Fribourg with friends and family! Pull up a chair, make yourself cosy, spear a piece of bread on a long fork, swirl it around in the communal pot of aromatic molten cheese and savour the rich flavours of Swiss cheese and schnapps! 

A festival dedicated to Swiss cheese fondue

If you've never tried Swiss cheese fondue, this is the ideal time to give it a taste! What's more, those that are already fond of fondue will be in their element! Right in the heart of Fribourg, you can sample the best of Swiss fondue at the very first edition of Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg.

Entrance to the venue, La Bûche, is free and once inside, you can browse the exhibition stands to see what the different fondue producers have for sale, and you can also have a sit-down fondue meal at the restaurant. You may find a table at the restaurant spontaneously, but you're advised to book a table in advance, especially for groups.

Try the regional speciality: moitié-moitié

This is a great moment to taste moitié-moitié, (half and half), the favourite blend of Swiss cheese fondue in Canton Fribourg. It consists of two Swiss cheeses, Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois. The cheeses have had the honour of being labelled with the AOP (Appellation d'origine contrôlée), which is given to certain kinds of high-quality French and Swiss food products.

Partner restaurants during Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg

If the main venue, La Bûche, is full, visitors can enjoy fondue at one of the many partner restaurants in and around Fribourg during the festival.

The partner restaurants are:

  • Café de la presse, Fribourg
  • Le Petit Pérolles, Fribourg
  • Restaurant le Soleil Blanc, Fribourg
  • Auberge du Tilleul, Matran
  • Restaurant des 3 Rois, Fribourg
  • Café de la Marionnette, Fribourg
  • Restaurant de la Clef, Fribourg
  • La Pinte du Mouret, Ferpicloz
  • Café du Midi, Fribourg
  • Café du Gothard, Fribourg
  • Brasserie le Boulevard 39, Fribourg
  • Fribourg Gottéron - Sport Café, Fribourg
  • Le Marcello, Fribourg
  • Brasserie du Commerce, Fribourg
  • Café du Funiculaire, Fribourg
  • Bar Restaurant de L'Imprévu, Fribourg
  • Le Platy, Villars-sur-Glâne

Plan your visit to Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg

Plan your visit to Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg and decide whether to book a table or pull out all the stops and book a special package deal. The venue is very easy to reach, situated right in the heart of Fribourg. It's easy to approach via public transportation or driving from other Swiss cities and towns. Visit the Suisse Fondue Festival Fribourg website for more details.