Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey

Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey

Sep 19, 2022Sep 29, 2022
Various venues
Montreux, Vevey
From 10 Swiss Francs

Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey is a classical music festival of supreme reputation. It takes place in the area of Canton Vaud, informally known as the Swiss Riviera, with its spectacular views of Lake Geneva.

Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey in 2022

This festival is one of the oldest classical music festivals that are still up and running in Switzerland - in fact, the only Swiss classical music festival that's older is the Lucerne Festival. In the music world, Montreux is also a focal point globally, thanks to the Montreux Jazz Festival which takes place each summer.

This year, the festival is more accessible than ever, with reduced rate tickets for young classical audience members. With entry more affordable than before, the organisers hope that the concerts will be more inclusive to a wider, younger and more diverse audience, in addition to the festival's longstanding patrons. There are also specially devised concerts for kids.

World-class orchestras, ensembles, conductors and soloists

Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey boasts some of the most impeccable musical performances by the foremost Swiss orchestras, with a slew of celebrated international soloists and conductors.

The musicians and ensembles performing at Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey 2022 include:

  • Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
  • Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
  • Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich
  • Lucerne Symphony Orchestra
  • Camerata Bern
  • Basel Chamber Orchestra

About Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey

Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey is so prestigious that a concert hall was built especially for the event. Auditorium Stravinski, the 1.800-seater concert hall was built in the 1990s and named after the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky who, notably, conducted an entire concert of his own works at the 1956 edition of Septembre Musical.

The festival was established in 1946. At the time, Switzerland, particularly around lac Léman, saw an influx of refugees, becoming a melting pot of creativity, with many brilliant minds fleeing to safety there due to its neutral status in World War 2. Several great composers and musicians called Switzerland their new home or lived there temporarily before emigrating to America, many of them fleeing persecution in their native countries.

The first edition of the festival took place on September 6, 1946, at the Casino-Kursaal in Montreux. In terms of classical music, it was a window to the world. To this day, the festival attracts some of the most illustrious classical musicians from all over the world.

Concert venues at Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey

Here are the concert venues for this year's festival:

Concerts in Montreux

  • Théâtre Montreux Riviera
  • Auditorium Stravinski

Concerts in Vevey

  • Salle del Castillo
  • Le Reflet-Théâtre de Vevey
  • Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

Concerts in Veytaux

  • Château de Chillon

Get tickets to Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey

Get your tickets on the Septembre Musical Montreux-Vevey website. The venues in Montreux, Vevey and Veytaux are easy to reach via public transportation from Swiss cities like Lausanne, Geneva and Bern.