Sconfinare Festival

Sconfinare Festival

Oct 07, 2021Oct 10, 2021
Piazza del Sole

Get ready for Bellinzona's cultural event of the season, Sconfinare Festival! Taking place on Piazza del Sole, the city square at the foot of a historic castle, this is going to be a festival to remember, right in the heart of autumn.

Sconfinare Festival 2021

Sconfinare Festival 2021 will be the second edition of the festival. The festival brings together both prominent names on the international cultural scene with locally known personalities. This year's edition addresses the themes of "otherness and diversity".

Last year's edition was a brave venture, which saw a brand new festival springing onto the cultural scene amid the coronavirus pandemic. It was a resounding success, with around 600 attendees at the Piazza del Sole and another 1.500 people tuning in to the digital streaming portion of the festival from the safety of home. With the success of its first year in such trying times, the 2021 edition is bound to be a memorable one, which takes place entirely in person.

Sightseeing in Bellinzona

While in Bellinzona, why not take in some sightseeing. Bellinzona is noted for its three castles, called Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro, which together form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only that, but the entire old town of Bellinzona is listed on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites and 12 additional buildings have been deemed historical sites of national significance.

Attend Sconfinare Festival 2021

Bellinzona is the capital of Canton Ticino and sits at the foot of the Swiss Alps. It's very easy to get to by public transportation, as the railway hub of Canton Ticino, so visitors can reach Bellinzona easily by train from not only Swiss cities but also from Italian cities. If you're driving from cities such as Zurich, Basel or Lucerne, take the A2 motorway. Check out the Ticino visitor information website for more details.