Renoir Unplugged

Renoir Unplugged

Mar 06, 2022Sep 04, 2022
Museum Langmatt, Römerstrasse 30, CH-5401
Tickets start from 10 Swiss Francs

This unique exhibition allows visitors to see Renoir’s paintings in a completely different light at the Langmatt Museum in the town of Baden, close to the city of Zurich.

Enjoy Impressionism differently at Renoir Unplugged

The exhibition explores how Impressionist paintings would look without a frame, or in a completely different frame than is traditional. There is frequent debate about the effect of frames on paintings, and many in the public are divided between seeing the paintings in a unique way or in the traditional frame. This exhibition brings this debate to life, making it the perfect place to compare the different perspectives.

This exhibition includes a special app, where visitors can take selected paintings and place them in a plethora of frames or on different backgrounds to experience the art in multiple ways.

Pierre-August Renoir

Pierre-August Renoir was a French artist in the late 1800s that was one of the pioneers of Impressionism. He had a particular knack for capturing beauty, specifically in feminine sensuality and bustling Parisian streets. The following of Renoir’s paintings will be presented at the Renoir Unplugged exhibition:

  • La Lecture
  • The Harbour Entrance of La Rochelle
  • The Boat
  • Anemones and Roses

Visit the exhibition

Head over to the official website for more information on the Langmatt Musuem, and how to access the museum via public transportation from other Swiss cities.