Old Wheels Biel

Old Wheels Biel

Jun 18, 2023
Old Wheels Biel/Bienne Tissot Arena, Boulevard des Sports 18 2504 Biel / Bienne
Tickets starting from 5 Swiss Francs

Discover classic old vehicles on June 18 at the Old Wheels in Biel, also known as Bienne, a charming town in the Canton Bern that straddles the border between German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland.

Historic vehicles at the Old Wheels Biel

The idea behind the event is for enthusiasts and owners of historic vehicles to gather and exchange ideas, along with presenting their precious old-timers. The location of Tissot Arena in Biel is perfect for this event as it is the largest covered outdoor venue, protecting the vintage pieces from the unpredictable Swiss weather.

The event is great for all ages and families with children, as there is also catering and live music. With over a thousand historic pieces, this event attracts over 10.000 visitors every year, and it is one of the largest events of its kind in Switzerland. Cars, motorcycles, tractors, and much more are displayed from all eras up until 1992. There will also be an exclusive exhibition that will be revealed at the event as a surprise.

Experience incredible historic vehicles

If you’re interested in viewing and learning more about these vintage vehicles, head over to the Old Wheels Biel official website for more information about the event, how to access the site via public transportation, and all other updates.