Narcissi in Bloom

Narcissi in Bloom

May 01, 2024Jun 15, 2024
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The stunning “May Snow” flowers are back in bloom this May in the hills above Montreux, Switzerland, turning the surrounding area into gorgeous, perfumed landscapes.

Catch these lovely flowers in bloom

The most ideal way to experience these springtime beauties is through guided tours or even unaccompanied on marked trails above Montreux and Vevey. As soon as the snow begins to melt away, the leaves of the narcissi flower come out of the earth and bloom into beautiful wild, white narcissus. The trail starts from various locations like the Les Avants village, Pleiades, Glion, Caux, and Mont-Pelerin.

All the trails cross the magnificent meadows and immaculate landscapes, and while they can be visited year-round, May 1 until June 15 is the best time to see the narcissi.

In the Belle Epoque era, the bloom of the narcissus was considered to be the end of the high season, and in between 1897 and 1957, there used to be narcissus festivals with elaborate floats. The essence of Narcissus flowers can also be used in cooking, with the locals around Montreux using the blooms to make Narcissi-flavoured ice cream.

Go see the Narcissi in Bloom flowers now

Want to see the gorgeous white fields and meadows of narcissus flowers? Head over to the official Montreux Riviera visitor website for more information about the fields, public transportation, and more about the surrounding Swiss region.