Montreux Miniature Show

Montreux Miniature Show

Mar 02, 2024Mar 03, 2024
Salle omnisports du Pierrier, Rue de Lac 117, 1815 Clarens
Free admission

If you’re a fan of precise work, miniatures and figurines, this event in the Swiss canton of Vaud is a must for you! Visit the Montreux Miniature Show this March 2-3 to see a vast display of various trinkets and small, intricate art pieces.

Warhammer of the Rivera

Along with a stunning display of miniature art, there will be several miniature tournaments that will be organised by Warhammer Rivera. Using the hit tabletop game Warhammer 40k, every match features futuristic battle scenes where each player can use an army of figurines that will be painted and assembled beforehand. The battles take place on terrain-heavy battlefields that have been specifically designed by the players - and what a sight to behold!

The players will also get the chance to present the game “Bolt Action”, which is a board game about the battles of the Second World War where players command armies that they have painted and assembled before the event's intense board game action.

Exhibitors at the Montreux Miniature Show 

The following are some of the exhibitors at the Montreux Miniature Show:

  • Gdkits
  • Kings Figurines 
  • Micro Model
  • Modelling Shop 
  • AFM-Montrouge 
  • AMP Amicale des Maquettistes de Prilly
  • Club FMP
  • Club Historia
  • Auquinet Patrick
  • Club AMMA
  • Les Doigts de Fees
  • Les Mamies Colleuses 
  • Les Perruches de la Maquette 
  • Predastore
  • Raphael GOUY 

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Interested in delving into the world of miniature art and figurines? Head over to the official Montreux Miniature Show website for more information on exhibitors, contests and how to access the venue via public transportation.