Miam Festival

Miam Festival

May 18, 2024May 20, 2024
Place de la Riponne, 1005
Free admission

Looking for something to do that will add some flavour to your weekend? Then don’t miss the Miam Festival this May which brings together the cream of the crop of tastemakers, concerts and free entertainment in a friendly and festive atmosphere in the heart of Lausanne

Food from around the world

With over 40 stands and food trucks presenting tasty specialities from all over the world, you need to get a taste of this event! The Miam Festival offers everything from falafel and Spanish churros to Neapolitan pizza and American barbecue. There are even stands with vegetarian and gluten-free options so those with diet restrictions don’t have to miss out on a flavour feast!

For the first time this year, the Miam Festival is welcoming a guest city to shine the spotlight on during the event. Brussels will be the star city, which means there will be artisans and a grocer, as well as other activities all with a touch of Brussels. And let’s not forget the delicious waffles and fries that come with it!


Image credit: © Lausanne à Table / Intuifilm

Stands at the Miam Festival 2024

Some of the stands participating in the Miam festival this year include:

  • Ambiance Marrakech - Moroccan specialities
  • Belga - Homemade Belgian fries
  • COOMS cookies
  • El Gato Pâtisserie - Gluten-free pastries
  • Esprit du Vietnam - Vietnamese cuisine
  • La Brebisane - Sheep’s milk ice cream
  • LeBeignet C’est Bon! - Congolese sweet fritters
  • Pizza Matta - Neapolitan pizza
  • Taqueria Don Vergas - Mexican tacos
  • The Smoking Oak - American barbecue

Grab a bite at the Miam Festival

Can you almost taste the delicious food you want to try? Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out! You can find out more about the stands at the event and the entertainment programme by visiting the official Miam Festival event page

Thumb image credit: © Lausanne à Table / Intuifilm