Medieval Christmas Market

Medieval Christmas Market

Dec 01, 2023Dec 03, 2023
Laufen Castle at the Rhine Falls, 8447 Dachsen
Canton Zurich
Free entrance

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in medieval times? Well, now you can find out at the Medieval Christmas Market in Switzerland! Held at the Laufen Castle at the Rhine Falls, there is no better backdrop to transport you back in time.

Largest medieval Christmas market in Switzerland

The second edition of the only purely medieval Christmas market in Switzerland awaits with fun games for young and old. Fools, medieval characters and common people dressed in New World rags welcome you into the past. Hear storytellers weaving ancient tales and listen to music that transports you to the olden days. 

Market riders, traders and craftsmen come from near and far to bring unique pieces of medieval jewellery, leather goods, spices and spirits that make wonderful Christmas presents for your loved ones.

A medieval street food festival means you’ll get a taste of a range of food that is medievally delicious, from wood-fired pastries to Baumstrieze and crepes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the drinks either, with mulled wine, warm cider and the medieval classic, warm mead. 

Medieval entertainment

There is a wide variety of entertainment available to complete the medieval fantasy. Musicians and jugglers will circulate the market bringing a festive atmosphere, while Santa Claus and his helper will make an appearance to bring joy to the little ones. 

You can take aim and practice your axe throwing and archery during weapon demonstrations. Have another unique experience with falconry at the moat of Laufen Castle, where you’ll get a spectacular view of the Rhine Falls. 

Plan your visit to medieval times

Ready to put on your medieval garb and go? To find out more about the programme of the event and how to get there via public transportation, visit the Medieval Christmas Market event page