Luga Spring Fair

Luga Spring Fair

Apr 26, 2024May 05, 2024
Messe Luzern AG Horwerstrasse 87 6005
Free admission

The 45th edition of the Luga Spring Fair will be taking place this year from April 26 until May 5 in the Swiss city of Lucerne.

Largest spring fair of central Switzerland

The Luga Spring Fair is much more than a simple public trade fair, it is the largest in central Switzerland and features an impressive mix of exhibits, displays and events. The fair provides a meeting point for companies and their customers, offering a direct marketing and sales channel. Thus, businesses and customers can maintain existing relationships, and even create new connections.

Over the course of 10 days, the Luga Spring Fair offers around 120.000 contact opportunities, and there is also a website to support products, services, and offers online. There are over 450 exhibitors, and most of the visitors come from central Switzerland, making the Luga Spring Fair perfect for local marketing.

There are eight main categories for visitors to explore products: food and drink, health and lifestyle, leisure and hobbies, home and garden, work and education, jewellery and fashion, communications and electronics, and lastly, energy and mobility.

Plan your trip

Head over to the official Luga Spring Fair website for more information about the many exhibits.