Lucerne Spring Festival

Lucerne Spring Festival

Apr 08, 2022Apr 10, 2022
Canton Lucerne, Lucerne
Tickets starting from 30 Swiss Francs

Spring of 2022 will see a new edition of the Lucerne Spring Festival, which consists of amazing concerts that highlight Felix Mendelssohn and the people in his life.

The sound of a composer’s history

For the Lucerne spring festival in 2022, the focus will be on Felix Mendelssohn, whose music will be performed on all three days of the festival. The concert will be illuminating the tumultuous relationship between Felix Mendelssohn and his peer, Richard Wagner. Wagner had released an anti-Semitic pamphlet where he claimed that Mendelssohn has never achieved a “deep effect capable of gripping the heart and soul”.

Mendelssohn had already been dead for 4 years, and thus was unable to respond to this criticism, but the spring festival will highlight how much Wagner admired Mendelssohn. Another important aspect of Mendelssohn’s life that will be elaborated on through music will be his relationship with his close friend, Robert Schumann, with whom he bonded over their admiration for Johann Sebastian Bach.

The last component of Mendelssohn’s life the festival delves into is his friend, Hector Berlioz, who was also a very famous composer. They shared many ideas on music and art, and had a fascinating relationship that lasted over 12 years.

On April 9 of the festival, there will be a special benefit concert to aid the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with both Russian and Ukrainian performers. All the funds raised on the night will be given to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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