Lucerne Festival Forward

Lucerne Festival Forward

Nov 17, 2023Nov 19, 2023
Various locations

Lucerne Festival Forward is a relatively new festival, which celebrates the music of the present day, devised by the musicians of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Network. Will you be attending this festival of trailblazing music in Lucerne? Get ready to attend concerts that break new ground in contemporary music.

A brand new festival for the music of our time

The Lucerne Festival comprises three different events: the original, signature event that takes place in summer, known as Lucerne Summer Festival, a smaller festival in springtime, Lucerne Spring Festival and the newest addition to the mix, the Lucerne Festival Forward which takes place in winter and focuses on contemporary music.

The Lucerne Festival Academy acts as an international network that has grown to 1.200 artists, curating programmes, prompting topical discussions and showing leadership in contemporary music. They bridge the gap between contemporary music and the general public, encouraging new ways of interacting with audiences and experimenting with unusual concert formats.

The theme of Lucerne Festival Forward’s inaugural edition is Networks. This is a reference to the Lucerne Festival Academy network which developed the programme, and also provides a common thread running through the whole event, forging connections between the different musicians, concert settings and audiences.

Lucerne Festival Forward locations

  • Kunstmuseum Lucerne
  • Europlatz
  • KKL

Artists at Lucerne Festival Forward 2023

  • Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra
  • Rebecca Saunders 
  • Marcus Schmickler
  • Fausto Romitelli
  • Sofia Jernberg
  • Julius Eastman
  • Charles Uzor
  • Liza Lim
  • Morena Barra
  • Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir
  • Estelle Costanzo 
  • Pascale Güdel

Get your tickets to Lucerne Festival Forward

Thanks to its central location, Lucerne can be reached very easily from other Swiss cities by public transportation, so plan your trip and book your tickets! Tickets are available on the Lucerne Festival website.