Le Corti in Canto

Le Corti in Canto

Sep 17, 2022
Various venues

Le Corti in Canto is a music festival that makes use of the natural acoustics of courtyards and cloisters in churches, castles and other historical sites in the Old Town centre of Locarno. It combines the pleasure of live music and the discovery of architectural beauties.

Live music in Locarno's courtyards and cloisters

Courtyards of private houses and mansions, church cloisters and the grounds of a castle transform into concert venues, resonating with the sound of voices and instruments. Early music - that is music from the Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque eras - are featured strongly, as well as poetry and folklore from Canton Ticino and nearby Italy. Singing is the main medium, but instrumental music also plays an important part.

Locarno is a southern Swiss town, the third-largest town in Canton Ticino, located at the foot of the Swiss Alps and overlooking Lake Maggiore, a lake which lies in both Italy and Switzerland. Thanks to its proximity to Italy, Italian-language song traditions are very strong there, and many folk songs and art songs in the Italian language and local dialect are featured at the event.

The event is organised by the Historical Centre Group (Gruppo Centro Storico), an organisation that promotes and safeguards the cultural, historical and commercial components of the pedestrianised Old Town (Città Vecchia). Since 2008, Le Corti in Canto has taken place on the third Saturday of September, as part of the efforts of continuing the vitality of the old part of Locarno.

Here's a video from the 2016 edition, to give you an impression of what to expect at the 2022 edition:

Le Corti in Canto locations

The locations are:

  • Ex Magistrale 
  • Visconteo Castle
  • Casa Rusca 
  • Casa Reschigna 
  • Casa Ruggero 
  • Chiesa Nuova 
  • Casa del Negromante 
  • Palazzo Morettini

Attend Le Corti in Canto

If you’re coming from other Swiss cities, Locarno is easy to reach by public transportation. Check out the locations and programme on the Le Corti in Canto website (in Italian) or the Ticino visitor information site (in English).