Interlaken Classics

Interlaken Classics

Mar 27, 2022Apr 22, 2022
Various locations
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Let yourself become immersed in classical music at the Interlaken Classics Music Festival from March 27 until April 22, 2022. 

Can’t beat the classics

The Interlaken Classics Festival is a classical music festival that focuses specifically on the promotion of fresh, young talent. The diversity of the event is encapsulated in the maxim “Meet the classic stars of tomorrow today”. The concerts will take place at various locations in the Interlaken holiday region, providing visitors with a plethora of sounds from all around the world.

The main participants of this symphonic event are renowned youth orchestras, and the instrumental prodigies are accompanied by prolific conductors. Paired with the stunning landscape of the surrounding mountains, this is an event for all ages to enjoy.

The events for 2022 are:

  • Prix du Piano Bern
  • Zakhar Bron on Violin
  • Children’s concert “Hansel and Gretel”
  • Final concert masterclass on viola
  • 1. Symphony concert – Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra
  • Organ and Strings from Helmut Freitag and Isabel Charisius
  • Master concert with Reinhold Friedrich & Jeroen Berwaerts
  • 2nd symphony concert – Zakhar Bron Festival Orchestra
  • 3rd symphony concert – Zakhar Bron Festival Orchestra
  • Final concert masterclass trumpet
  • Interlaken classics sextet

Plan your visit

Want to attend this harmonic experience? Check the official website for more information on tickets, accommodations and children’s events.