IamExpat Webinar: Relocating as a tech professional to Switzerland

IamExpat Webinar: Relocating as a tech professional to Switzerland

Oct 04, 2023
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  • Date: October 4, 2023
  • Time: 5pm-6pm
  • Title: Relocating as a tech professional to Switzerland
  • Presenter: Sam Pyzer from Source Group International
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Relocating as a tech professional to Switzerland

A tech professional's guide to relocating to Switzerland

Breaking into the Swiss technology industry can be very challenging for internationals. Highly-skilled expats may find it difficult to secure a job at a tech company in Switzerland, especially newcomers. Whether your expertise is in cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, crypto or AI, freelancing can be a strong alternative to traditional jobs and help you network your way into the tech industry.

In this webinar, Sam Pyzer of Source Group International will help expats understand how to start working as a tech professional in Switzerland. He'll guide you through Switzerland's tech landscape, highlight the opportunities for tech expats, describe Swiss work culture, and explain the important things to consider when relocating to the country.

What to expect at the webinar

Join Source Group International on Wednesday, October 4 at 5pm to learn more about advancing your career in tech in Switzerland, and have your questions answered by the experts!

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  • The state of the tech industry in Switzerland and the opportunities available
  • Tips for networking and finding job opportunities in the tech industry as an expat
  • Advice for navigating Swiss work culture as an expat
  • Relocation guidance
  • Working with a recruiter

Sam Pyzer joined Source Group International 5 years ago. He has 10 years of experience placing experts in niche tech roles across a variety of industries, specialising in tech recruitment in Switzerland for 5 years. Source Group International is an award-winning international recruitment specialist, focusing on businesses in technology and life sciences.

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