IamExpat Webinar: The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication

IamExpat Webinar: The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication

Aug 30, 2022
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Join this free IamExpat webinar, hosted by Dominic Junghaenel from Mindful Career, to learn all about how cultural elements influence communication between individuals and groups in the workplace.

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  • Date: Tuesday, August 30
  • Time: 5pm to 6pm
  • Title: The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Presenter: Dominic Junghaenel from Mindful Career
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IamExpat webinar Mindul Career

Learn how cultural elements influence communication

Communicating across cultures is one of the greatest challenges in today's ever more globalised and virtual workplace - and your career success hinges largely on how well you master that challenge.

In this webinar, career coach and communication trainer Dominic Junghaenel will teach you how cultural elements influence communication between individuals and groups in the workplace. He'll explain how you can foster cultural awareness and improve your cross-cultural communication skills, especially with regard to Switzerland's culture and communication style.

What you'll gain by attending the webinar

By signing up for this webinar, you'll gain practical input and advice, such as:

  • How to create understanding and rapport within multicultural teams.
  • What to consider when delivering a presentation or sales pitch according to your audience's background.
  • Giving constructive feedback in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Dos and don'ts when applying / interviewing for jobs at Swiss companies.

Meet your webinar host

This webinar is presented by Dominic Junghaenel, founder of Mindful Career. Born and raised in Switzerland, Dominic experienced life as an expat while living and working in Japan for more than ten years. Before starting his coaching practice, he was a Senior Manager of Partnership Development at a Tokyo-based Marketing Agency specialising in cross-cultural marketing.

How does it work?

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Replay available 

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