Goûts et Terroirs - Gastronomy Fair

Goûts et Terroirs - Gastronomy Fair

Nov 30, 2022Dec 04, 2022
Salon Suisse des Goûts et Terroirs Espace Gruyère Rue de Vevey 136 1630
Tickets starting from 9 euros

This November 30 to December 4, attend the incredible Goûts et Terroirs Gastronomy Fair in the stunning medieval town of Bulle in the Swiss canton of Fribourg - a region most famous for the production of cheese.

Guests of honour at the gastronomy fair in Bulle

As part of the event, visitors are welcome to try the delicacies of several special regions and companies. The following are the guests of honour for the 2022 edition of the Gastronomy Fair:


España offers visitors a culinary and cultural journey through the different regions of Spain, thanks to the collaboration of many chefs, producers, winemakers and promoters. Experience Spanish hospitality and delicacies at the Gastronomy Fair this year!

Swiss Beer Museum

The Swiss Beer Museum showcases the nomadic experience and history of the Fribourg beer industry, with some select items from their collection. Enjoy a fantastic tasting experience while learning about the beer industry that is local to the area.


The Ballenberg Swiss Open Air Museum takes visitors on an adventure around over 109 historic buildings from all regions of Switzerland. There will also be over 200 various farm animals, old crafts and culinary delights that showcase the many facets of Switzerland.

Gastronomy Fair in Bulle to offer a plethora of culinary delights

Along with the guests of honour, there is an extensive list of exhibitors that present a plethora of culinary delights from all across Switzerland. The fair also has workshops and presentations about the various gastronomy elements in specific regions of Switzerland, including workshops specifically for families with children.

Visiting the Gastronomy Fair

Excited to attend the Gastronomy Fair in Gruyères to have some of the best food and drinks ever? Head over to the official Gastronomy Fair website for more information on the exhibitors, activities and how to access the venue via public transportation.