Fête de l'Olivier

Fête de l'Olivier

Sep 22, 2023Sep 23, 2023
Alhambra Geneve, Rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204
From 40 Swiss francs

Each year in the picturesque city of Geneva, the historic building known as the Alhambra Geneve comes alive with vibrant colours, alluring sounds and captivating performances during the eagerly awaited Arab and Mediterranean culture festival known as Fête d'Olivier.

This event, tailored for both locals and international visitors, serves as a fascinating window into the diverse and enchanting world of Arab culture through music and film. With a commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding, the festival aims to bridge gaps and promote appreciation for the nuances of the Arab and Mediterranean heritage.

Fête d'Olivier: Celebrating Arab and Mediterranean culture in Geneva

Fête d'Olivier is not just a festival - it's a bridge that connects cultures and fosters understanding. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the captivating world of Arab and Mediterranean culture, to savour its flavours, feel its rhythms, and appreciate its intricate traditions. Visitors are invited to explore, learn and celebrate the beauty of the Levant region in the heart of Switzerland.

At its core, the Fête d'Olivier seeks to emphasise the beauty of the Arab and Mediterranean culture and this in turn helps to break down stereotypes and misconceptions. Through music and film, the festival endeavours to present the fascinating backstory of musical and other artistic traditions, fostering connections and promoting dialogue among diverse communities.

The festival attracts audiences from far and wide, both local Swiss and members of the expat community. Geneva has been long known as an international melting pot as it is home to many international companies and organisations and therefore celebrating other cultures in Geneva is perfectly apt.

Artists at Fête de l'Olivier 2023

Here are the main artists performing at the 2023 edition of Fête de l'Olivier:

  • Rayess Bek
  • Manal Samaan
  • Hamid Ajbar
  • Chrysa Papadopoulou
  • Alkis Zopoglou 
  • Mohamed Ahaddaf 
  • Noori Aljboori 
  • Emad Ghajjou 
  • Pupa Gigena 
  • Arin Kashishi

About the venue

The Alhambra Genève, a cultural gem nestled in the heart of Geneva, stands as a testament to artistic appreciation and cross-cultural dialogue. Constructed in 1920, this enchanting venue exudes historical elegance and architectural splendour, serving as a focal point for a diverse array of artistic endeavours.

Initially built as a theatre and cinema, the Alhambra Genève has since evolved into a multifaceted cultural space that hosts a wide spectrum of events including concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, exhibitions and lectures. Its versatile programming reflects the venue's commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural community that transcends boundaries and enriches the lives of both locals and visitors.

The Alhambra Genève's aims encompass not only the presentation of high-quality artistic expressions but also the promotion of intercultural understanding and appreciation. By showcasing an eclectic mix of artistic genres and inviting both emerging talents and established artists, the venue plays a pivotal role in celebrating the intersection of cultures and artistic forms.

As a beacon of cultural diversity and artistic innovation, the Alhambra Genève continues to captivate audiences, making it an integral part of Geneva's cultural landscape and a space where creativity knows no limits.

Plan your visit to Fête de l'Olivier 

Getting to Fête de l'Olivier  is easy. Geneva is well-connected with an efficient public transportation system. Visitors can easily reach the festival venue using buses, trams, and trains. The city's international airport ensures accessibility for those travelling from abroad, with direct flights from major cities across the globe. Get your tickets and find out more information on the official Fête de l'Olivier website.