Escalade Races

Escalade Races

Dec 02, 2023Dec 03, 2023
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Grab your running shoes this December 2-3 and join in at the Old Town of Geneva for the 45th edition of the Escalade Races to break a personal best record or just have fun. Everyone can join in, from young to old and novice to elite, all participants can immerse themselves in this popular running event in Switzerland.

A popular running event in Geneva's Old Town

As one of the biggest running events in Switzerland, the aim of the Escalade Races is to provide participants with a fun and sporty time. The event organisers also want to bring awareness to the benefits of physical activity for all ages. 

More fun for participants and spectators

To complement the main event, at the finish line, there will be entertainment stalls with competitions, exhibitions and other surprises. You can even get a souvenir photo or enjoy some crepes and hot tea while you listen to the live musicians. 

Nine different races at the Course de L'Escalade

There are different routes for the collection of races starting at different locations in the Old Town of Geneva and all finishing at Bastions Park. 

The following are the various races that participants can sign up for at the Escalade Race:

Pacing Blocks Race

The Pacing Blocks Race has two distance options of 4,83 km (2 laps) and 7,32 km (3 laps) and the rankings will be done via age categories. 

Juniors Race

Young adults born in the years 2004 and 2005 can participate in the Juniors Race. This category aims to promote the joy of running in young adults and is ranked on course completion time. Junior Women compete in the 4,83 km route, while Junior Men compete in the 7,32 km route.

Marmite Race

The Marmite Race is perfect for those who simply want to have fun, as it is not a competitive race. The point of the race is to put on your best costume and have a good time, so there are no rankings or rewards for the participants. The length of the route is 3,59 km and the race takes place in the evening.


For the participants who do not want to run but still enjoy a race, there is an 8,96 km walking route that is non-competitive with the goal of having fun while remaining active. There is, however, a maximum time limit of two hours for the participants.

Course du Duc

For those who want to run an even longer route, the 20,5 km route of the Course du Duc is for you! Not only is the route long, but participants also need to be able to run at a speed of 10 kilometres per hour and complete the course in just two hours and five minutes. 

Youth and Children Races

Perfect for families with kids, the Youth and Children Races have a range of routes with races from 1,36 km to 4,83 km long. The categories are established by age, and the first ten runners of each category are rewarded under the tent located in the Promenade des Bastions. 

Escaladelite Race

This is the race for elite runners who have achieved impressive times in previous racing events. There will be two rankings, one for women and the other for men. The route will be the same at 7,32 km long


For participants who aren't sure how far they want to run, the FlexiMix race provides you with the option to choose while you're running. This is another non-competitive race that is just for fun, where you can choose to run either 1, 2 or 3 laps during the race.

Relay Race

Lastly, there will also be Relay Races to close the Escalade Races event. There will be three rankings, one for women, one for men, and a mixed relay. The teams are composed of two individuals with each participant running four relay laps alternatively, each lap being about 1,90 km for a total of 7,71 km long.

Attending the Escalade Races

Interested in running competitively or just for fun? Head over to the official Escalade Races website for more information about the various races, registration, how to access the venue via public transportation and from other Swiss cities, and all other information. If you're interested in more Escalade-type events, you could also check out the Fête de l'Escalade.