Enduro World Series

Enduro World Series

Sep 15, 2022Sep 18, 2022
Canton Valais

Get ready for Enduro World Series mountain bike racing, the ultimate festival for bike enthusiasts, industry professionals and extreme sport lovers in the Swiss mountains! This year’s Enduro World Series (EWS) will be held in Crans-Montana instead of Zermatt where it was previously going to be held.

International mountain bike racing on the Swiss slopes

High in the main valley of the Valais region, from September 15-18, fearless mountain bikers will take to the slopes! Crans-Montana is known for its south-facing slopes and is therefore known to be very hot and dry in summer and early autumn, giving it the perfect qualities for dirt racing. It’s accessible by lift, so the riders can take advantage of the extreme elevation, giving them 2.330 metres of descent!

Photo: © Enduro World Series enduro-world-series-mountain-biking-switzerland.jpg

This downhill course in Crans-Montana couldn't be more perfect, because Enduro, by definition, is a type of mountain bike racing where downhill motion is timed - on the other hand, uphill motion is mandatory but not timed. Enduro mountain bike racing takes its inspiration from both car rally racing and Enduro motorbike racing.

The EWS is very international in nature, with men and women hailing from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the US and the UK. The EWS fan zone is a very important part of EWS, with Rider Radio and access to videos and scoreboards where fans can follow what’s happening. You can even join team fan clubs and watch recap videos any time.

Watch the Enduro World Series 2022

Check out the Enduro World Series website to determine how and where you'll be watching the mountain bike racing, whether you decide to be a spectator on the slopes, or watch from the comfort of home!

Photo: © Enduro World Series enduro-world-series-crans-montana-switzerland.jpg

Thumb photo: © Enduro World Series