Eiger Trails

Eiger Trails

Jul 12, 2023Jul 16, 2023
Canton Bern
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Challenge yourself this summer at this extreme event on one of the Eiger Trails in the Jungfrau mountain region of Switzerland this July 12 to 16.

The Eiger

The Eiger is a 3.970-metre-high mountain in the Bernese Alps, with very flat and steep sides to it. It was first cleared in 1858 by mountain guides Christian Almer, Peter Bohren, and Charles Barrington. The east ridge of the mountain was first climbed by the Japanese mountain climber Yuko Maki in 1921.

After the north face of the Eiger was climbed in four days by Anderl Heckmair, Ludwig Vorg, Heinrich Harrer, and Fritz Kasperek in 1938, the ski resort of Grindelwald launched the Eiger Ultra Trail in 2013.

The trails

There are a few different trails that are suited to different types of hikers and mountaineers. Most of the trails arrange self-service stops where there will be rest zones and refreshment bases, but participants will need to feed themselves in between each post, while also carrying the mandatory gear. Here is a breakdown of the trails available to visitors:

E250 UNESCO Jungfrau Aletsch Trail

Participants in groups of two to four can discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site trail. This trail is 250 kilometres long with an altitude of 18.000 metres, making it a very tough trail for all contestants. This trail starts on the 12 of July and goes until the 16.

E101 Ultra Trail

This trail has some of the most breathtaking viewpoints of the area, before heading to the base of the north face of the Eiger mountain. This trail is an alpine experience of over 100 kilometres with a height of 6.700 metres. This trail takes place on July 15 to 16.

E51 Panorama Trail

The Panorama Trail goes all around the summit, offering stunning views of the landscape all along the path. For this trail, experience in trail running is essential along with being in great physical condition. The E51 Panorama Trail is 51 kilometres long with a height of 3.100 metres. This trail takes place on July 15.

There is also a couples version of the Panorama Trail to complete with a loved one who is also enthusiastic about hiking while taking in some of the most beautiful views of the Bernese Alps.

E35 North Face Trail

The E35 trail brings competitors to the foot of the imposing north face of the Eiger mountain, making a continuous steep climb all the way up for 35 kilometres, reaching a height of 2.500 metres. The reward for this strenuous climb is the awe-inspiring views from the unbelievable heights that continue on the way down, with the peaks of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau as a stunning backdrop. This trail takes place on July 15.

E16 Pleasure Trail

Perfect for short-distance mountain climbers, the E16 Pleasure Trail is a more leisurely path. This trail starts off at the highest peak and then continues down through the forest and meadows for a total of 16 kilometres. This trail is marked all the way down, and it is very well located, perfect for a summer day. This trail takes place on July 15.

Kids Race

This event is not exclusive to adults, and it is great for families with children. For the younger enthusiasts of mountain climbing, children will start the Eiger Trail with a race during the Welcome Ceremony on July 14. All the children will receive a present as well as ice cream for participating.

Attend the Eiger Trails

Interested in the arduous Eiger Trails? Head over to the official Eiger Trails website for more information on the various trails, accessing the location via public transportation, accommodation, and more.