Chur Christmas Market

Chur Christmas Market

Nov 24, 2023Dec 23, 2023
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It’s time for the Chur Christmas Market (Christkindlmarket)! This stunning market is filled with a plethora of various shops to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland

The market takes place in the old town of Chur, Switzerland which features a cathedral surrounded by the snowcapped Alps; the perfect backdrop for Christmas. In addition to a beautiful view and shops filled with handcrafted goods, the Chur Christmas Market also has stalls that sell tasty mulled wine, fresh barley soup, and Christmas cookies.

There is a daily Christmas tree sale at the town hall and the Comander Church. Additionally, the market also performs Christmas fairy tales that are presented in the Graubünden dialect which is perfect for families with kids! Furthermore, there is a theatrical Advent Calendar that appeals to the young and old with a thirty-minute daily surprise programme during the Advent season.

Additionally, the market contains an Alp Hut where visitors may enjoy a cheese fondue and a warm beverage. In addition to the market, there is an outdoor ice field which is very romantically lit with soft fairy lights and is a great place for ice hockey or ice skating. Lastly, there is an amazing Christmas circus called Circus Maramber that is enjoyable for everyone with its superb show.

What are you waiting for?

Plan your visit to the incredible Chur Christmas Market today! Head over to the Chur tourist information website for all information about the various markets as well as other events on the Advent calendar. There is also information about the weather and public transportation from other Swiss cities.