Bürgenstock Festival

Bürgenstock Festival

Feb 01, 2022Feb 06, 2022
Canton Zurich, Winterthur, Zurich
Starting from 25 Swiss Franc

Join the splendid Bürgenstock Festival in Switzerland this winter in February 2022 to fill your ears with a melodic symphony of classical music.

Listen to some of the most stunning sounds in Zurich

For the 9th edition of this winter festival, visitors will be able to experience the ambience of live music from independent local artists as well as international performers.

The festival is one of the leading events for classical music, and takes place in three different settings. On February 1, the first concert is held in the Kaufleuten, a well-known 100-year-old building in Zurich. From February 2 until February 5, the event is an intimate hotel called the Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen. On February 6 an extra concert will be held in cooperation with the Musikkollegium at the Stadhaus in Winterthur, the final location.

The performers that will be presenting their art are some of the most admired and world-renowned pioneers in today's classical music. They are from around the world, and all have spent many years excelling at their craft.


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Excited to see this incredible festival? Head over to the official website for more information on tickets, the full programme, and more information on each artist. The website also has further information regarding COVID-19.